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A Pilgrim Way

Ray Simpson
(Book) Product code: 1500745
ISBN: 978 1 84417 320 4
Price now: $17.50
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Size: 190 x 125 mm

A Pilgrim Way introduces us to the Community of Aidan and Hilda which draws its inspiration from the Celtic saints, and sets out in a practical way how we can develop an authentic spirituality and framework in our everyday lives. Many people are looking to embrace a rhythm of prayer ands work which will enrich them and reconnect them with life: we want to live for God, but everything in our lives seem to hijack this aim. The book includes useful material and resources, and helpful examples and applications at the end of each chapter, to show how we can incorporate the ‘Ten Elements’ – learning, spiritual journeying, prayer and work, intercession, simplicity of lifestyle, care for creation, healing, openness to God’s Spirit, unity and outreach – into our lives and forge a way forward as a renewed pilgrim people.

Preface: Why a Way of Life?

Part One: The Community of Aidan and Hilda
The Community's Way of Life
The Dawning Story

Part Two: The Ten Elements of the Way
Life-long Learning
Spiritual Journey
A Rhythm of Prayer, Work and Recreation
Spiritual Initiative Through Intercession
Simple Lifestyle
Care for Creation
Healing for Fragmented People and Communities
Openness to God's Spirit

Part Three: Making It Practical
Making a Personal Way of Life
Callings, Coracles and Cells

Community of Aidan and Hilda Resources

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