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A publisher of vast quantities of useful music  

Kevin Mayhew Publishing was founded in 1976 with the express intention of serving the entire Christian community. The company made its name initially as a publisher of hymn books, though the catalogue quickly grew to embrace choral, organ and worship music. In time, a book department was established to provide liturgical resources, material for children’s ministry, theological and devotional books.

Brodt Music Company was founded in 1934 by Cecil Brodt of Madison, WI . Over the years they have served the print music needs of countless performers, teachers, students and church musicians. Brodt Music offers a staff of professional musicians with various backgrounds in church music, jazz, piano, band/orchestra, etc.to assist you with your musical needs. We put forth every effort to track down any titles you are looking for. Brodt's has a wealth of catalogues and resource materials at our disposal to find exactly what you need.
The extensive Kevin Mayhew music catalogue caters for all standards, from the complete beginner through to the professional. For advanced players our growing range of Urtext editions is prepared by principal players of world-famous orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra and English Chamber Orchestra, by professors at the leading music conservatories, and by experienced music editors. A stable of talented house composers, including many current and former cathedral organists, music teachers, classical and jazz musicians, provides a feast of new music for many instruments. 

Working together, these two leaders in their field offer an enormous catalogue, which meets the needs of the professional and beginner alike. The music catalogue embraces all major instruments, and the record label produces quality recordings of organ, choral and classical music, with many recordings made in our new state-of-the-art studio.

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